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Welcome to my site. I am so glad to have you here. There is a bunch of stuff for you to find! It’s kind of random, but… so am I! I hope you find something wonderful & create your own whimsy this site best viewed on desktop!

Hello, cutie. This is what’s new:

July 17, 2024 πŸ’»
Babyz Tables I tried to make an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to add babyz tables to your site. You can find it in the codes section. I plan on including other tutorials I use for babyz like how I make bottles or clothes or other stuff like that. It might not be the right way but.. it’s.. a way? lol xoxox
July 7, 2024 🏑
Moved and Struggling Elli and I have moved since our last update. I am also almost 5 months pregnant with a boy. I plan on working more on my website. I also want to get back into Babyz and making stuff for the game. I miss having my identity. I started a new job at a hospital.
March 17, 2024 πŸ€
Graphics! Happy St. Patty’s! I added some more backgrounds in the graphics area and illustrated pngs for you to use πŸ™‚
March 8, 2024 βš–οΈ
A Battle Coming I have a huge battle coming my way. Those that are close to me know what’s going on so I won’t publicize it here, but I might be gone for a bit. Also, I updated ALL of my links which you can now find here: https://links.angelicas.site/. I made sure they were all working/up and there weren’t any duplicates. I also added a space for people to share links with me. It was a labor of love!
February 17, 2024 🫧
New Look! I wanted a new look that could effectively minimize the million sub-menus I had going on previously. I really, really love the off-canvas menus that I put in. So everything should be in its place. If you run into any issues, please let me know! (Or if you think something looks a little “off” or weird or anything that you don’t particularly like!) I want this site to please myself πŸ‘‘ but also be pleasant for my cutie cupcakes πŸ₯°
February 15, 2024 🧼
Spring Cleaning! I am doing a little spring cleaning and removing content that might not be up to my standards anymore or just isn’t something I want on my site. I will be closing down my website ON SATURDAY THE 17TH most likely for half the day (probably less, when I get into the project, I don’t stop til it’s done.) If you come across anything that seems off, just run away like a crazy person… like meπŸ’œ
February 13, 2024 πŸ•
Grower Event & Updates I added my babyz Milk Grower event to my babyz section! You can see my updates for my lil cheeseball, Chevre Basil. Also, I am going to be working on a new layout. I don’t know how long it will take, but sometime in the future I plan on shutting down to transition to that~ I will warn you a day or so before it happens though! xoxo
February 8, 2024 πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Affirmations I have decided to add my affirmation posts from TikTok onto here! I really like making the videos and now I finally learned how to use the editor on my pc 🐌 You can find them under the Fun Stuff! I have a bunch to add, so check back!
February 6, 2024 πŸ‘—
Babyz Clothes and Links I have been doing little tweaks throughout the whole site. I added/removed some links. I’m going to eventually work on cleaning those up and putting them in better order. Also, today I hexed the COMPLETE SET of heart pattern clothes for babyz. I will also be working on more of those today and tomorrow. It’s my goal to get ALL of the sets completed so you can pick and choose from sets that are already in-game, but not actually created yet~
January 26, 2024 πŸ“›
Generators~ I added a site name generator in the codes area AND a fun lil fortune cookie game in the fun stuff! I’ve also been doing random tweaks.
January 20, 2024 πŸ“ˆ
Grower Event at Milk I made some new – improved – grower charts (toyz section) for the upcoming babyz grower event at milk! I also included the images so that peoples can edit the images only and not have to worry about trying to get their babyz to sit right xD
January 19, 2024 πŸ“Œ
Pixels & Pixel Tutorials? I’m not great at pixeling by any means, but I decided to throw my progress for one of my toyland creations into a mini infographic! Make sure you check out the graphics xoxoxo
January 18, 2024 πŸ“…
Babyz calendar & music I added my babyz birthdays (and mine and my kid’s) into a calendar that you can actually move around!! yayyy!! I also added a button in the bottom right for a pop up spotify radio (angelica’s radio station!)
January 17, 2024 🧁
Random additions I have been adding things rather randomly lately. My most favorite recent addition are my neopets pixels that you can find in the graphics area!
January 10, 2024 4️⃣
Sims 4 Lots!!! I finally found a way to export whole lots (without guessing) so now I can create themmmm! I can create beautiful lots for you guys! My fave part of the sims is building and decorating. I’m so excited! Also, I’m working on streamlining the navigation. I feel like this is chaos up top ^^ I’ll figure something out!
January 3, 2024 πŸ” 
Pixel fonts!! I added a few pixel fonts and updated the page so it looked a lil more modern. Please check it out under graphics > other!
January 2, 2024 πŸ–ΌοΈ
So many graphics I uploaded so many graphics – lots of AI generated pngs and backgrounds. These can all be found under the web materials tab in the graphics area. I also cleaned up my navigation a little. I’m trying to think of a way to make it nicer. I feel like all the sub-menus make it look crazy.
January 1, 2024 πŸŽ‰
Happy new year!! May you all have fortune and blessings in this new year. We really all deserve it!

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