About My Site

This website is a culmination of all the things that I love. I used to be a blogger and loved to write about my various life experiences. After having my daughter, my joys have switched from writing to creating visually tangible treats! I love to pixel, I love to make things for my Babyz game, and I love to create little drag-and-drop games.

My mascot isΒ Cupcake a pretty rainbow unicorn who is obsessed with, you guessed it,Β cupcakes!!! She is from another planet; we’re still working on our communication skills πŸ˜…

Since starting my lil website, I have been adding to my server and now host Babyz.org (only the best babyz website ever.) On there, we host loads of other websites dedicated to the game. We’ve even had to increase our space πŸ˜†


My website used to be hand-coded/uploaded with Notepad++ and FileZilla. I eventually found my way back to WordPress. Here are the past looks:

The first version featured a super dark rainbow scheme!
And cupcakes, of course.

The second version featured a softer rainbow scheme and cupcakes and cookies.
I built it with a sidebar navigation that worked on both desktop and mobile.

The third version was implemented into WordPress and continued to use my softer rainbow palette.
Now, growing larger and larger… I needed a better way to upload/edit content than manually doing it.

This is layout version 4; I wanted to streamline my navigation and make it better organized. I did this
using Bootstrap 5 and a bunch of helpful things along the way! I also really love my jelly nav buttons!

This is my site’s color palette:

#fa8085 #fd9d7c #fbd97d #a3d963 #2ec7d6 #9c70cc #fd7ab0
#ffffff #d0d0d0 #bdbdbd #9a9a9a #666666 #343434 #000000