About Elli

My daughter, Elli, is my whole entire world. She is a third grader. She has so much energy and love to give to the universe. She is a genuinely good soul and wants to take care of everyone! Elli is my 🌈rainbow baby🌈 after having three miscarriages. She brings SO MUCH LIGHT into my life. She is the reason I try so hard to be a better version of me. I would do anything for this little creature.

Some things that Elli πŸ’œLOVESπŸ’œ are Roblox, Minecraft, Jurassic Park, Barbies, animals, the zoo, the beach, unicorns, glittery things that aren’t really glitter, and (I think) EDM! πŸ˜‚

Some things Elli πŸ’”HATESπŸ’” bugs, real glitter, when people watch her sing or dance, too many loud noises, and feeling like she’s lost control (but who likes that? AMIRITE?)

Elli is creative, caring, compassionate, kind, full of love, complex, deeply emotional, thoughtful, and eager to make everyone around her happy. I will help her figure out this world and navigate these feelings and eagerness!

Elli loves most animals but can be afraid of cats. One day, we were walking through a pet store and this little orange hamster was super interested in Elli. Elli really wanted her and we realized she was in with another hamster! That’s a no no in their world. So, we got the little muffin and brought her home. We set up her cage (the Porsche of cages) and then we got to considering names. Randomly, Elli said she wanted to name her Zara. So Zara it was. This little hamster is so lively and funny. She crawls on the top of the cage, she makes squeaks and chirps, and she is always looking for me when I talk to her. She’s a teddy bear hamster and she is probably the most perfect one ever.