2024 – Grower Event!

This year, my little grower was this lil feller:

Growth Progress




🍅 form a band with the instruments in the playroom – earns 5 points
Chevre and Zenon trying with the clown as their lead singer, but replaced with mommy on the rattle

🧀 have a food fight – earns 5 points
food fight with sissy Zenon!!!

🥬 find out if your baby has a favorite toy – earns 5 points
checking out mommy’s bear from Helen and the fire truck, but quickly discovering a love of blocks!

🧄 have a dance party – earns 5 points
Chevre and Zenon rocking out to Lady Gaga <3 He copied his big lil sissy <3

🍕 let baby(z) pick out their own outfit from clothes on the floor – earns 5 points
doing what I always do to find their fave color, Chevre found this green jumper.
after thorough inspection, decided it was his color!

🍄 introduce your baby to a sibling – earns 5 points
Chevre meeting his brother grower, Angus

🫒 grow a garden – earns 5 points
you can’t tell, but we made his *cheesy* tulips in the shape of a c!

🧅 find out what foods your baby loves, and what foods they hate – earns 5 points
Chevre was all too happy to try out foods (apparently he’s a real foodie!)
surprisingly, his faves were the bowl of veggies and bowl of meat with gravy
along with the crackers and cookies (because of COURSE)

🫑 teach your baby a new word from one of the books until they say it back -OR-
teach them a number from the number book until they clap  the right amount – earns 5 points
Chevre really enjoyed reading too! he was attempting “baw” for ball, but when it came to numbers,
our lil guy was all about them claps!!!

🥫 have a playdate with someone else’s grower – earns 5 points

total points collected: 45

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