Welcome to Angiville

Welcome to Angiville! The cutest little village on Angelica’s Site 😀

The Shops

  Olly’s Closet
Ye olde clothes shoppe. Err, clothing sets for your babyz!
Pez’s Grocery
Where else would you find delicious things to eat?!
Daphne’s Hair Salon
Want a change for your hair? Or simply just some cute accessories! Daphne’s got the goods!!
Art Studio
Some neato things to fill your frames with or hang on your wall.
Costume Shop
Halloween-shmalloween. We can dress up whenever we want to!
A place where babyz can be babyz and play with all the things!
Marlow’s Melodies
Just a cute little music shoppe. You never know what you might find! We love noise!
Dr. Ourania’s Office
Sick babyz? Need a check up? Dr. Ourania might be able to help.
She’s not a real doctor*
Janie’s Fabrics
A place where you can find all sorts of textures for your game!

The Homes

If you would like to be a neighbor, let me know on Discord or Milk! (I will link your site/page!)

Grandma’s House
Grandma is always willing to make you a special treat!
Private Property
Uhh…. ’nuff said?
Private Property
Okay, no trespassing, buddy!
Mayor Angelica’s House
Private Property
Do you often go looking in strange windows???
Private Propert
Seriously! It’s starting to get weird.
Lacey’s House
Why don’t you knock on the door and see if she’s home?
Private Property
This is getting real awkward.